I came to Dr. Luo after an ultrasound revealed a golf ball-sized cyst on my ovary and another growth in my uterus. I had considerable pain in my abdomen and back, as well as a number of physical symptoms associated with these growths and hormonal imbalance. Surgery had been discussed by two different doctors and I very much wanted to avoid this.

Within just a few days of the first acupuncture treatment and taking Chinese herbs I felt remarkably better and like my previous self for the first time in several months. For the next six weeks before the follow-up ultrasound I received acupuncture weekly and took the Chinese herbs.

Miraculously the ultrasound --just six weeks later--showed the ovarian cyst completely gone. I continue to see Dr. Luo and it makes a considerable difference in perimenopausal symptoms. I am indebted to Dr. Luo for helping me avoid surgery, to Emily for always finding room in the schedule, and for both of their support and kind natures. This is how medicine should be. I'm grateful.

-Kirsten R

It was nothing short of a miracle. For ten months I suffered from debilitating lower back spasms, excruciating pain, weeks of being unable to move, and then the loss of sensation in the left foot. The MRI showed a complicated condition with a ruptured vertebra, disc excretion onto the nerve canal, two hernias, and many other problems due to degenerative spinal arthritis. Surgery had been scheduled. Being on constant pain medication upset my stomach terribly, and my state of mind was fearful and depressed.

A therapist friend of mine suggested that I visit Dr. Luo. I must admit I was not looking forward to the idea of needles in my pain-ridden back. But I felt I had nothing to lose, I did not expect to be "cured," and I was desperate for some pain relief and a stronger body to undergo what was considered, by five medical professionals, an absolutely necessary surgery.

Dr. Luo's gentle and compassionate manner immediately put me at ease and made me trust him. He did not make any promises. He did not try to sell me anything. He very carefully, watchfully, and precisely went about recovering my mobility, relieving the pain, increasing the nerve function, and regaining the muscle strength. I received six acupuncture sessions in a period of three weeks. By the time the surgery date had arrived, I had been pain free for a week, recovered the sensation in my foot, and had full mobility of the leg.

On the day of the surgery, minutes away from the operating table, my surgeon ran some last minute tests because he could not believe my recovery, and declared me "asymptomatic"...thereby canceling the surgery. I continue to see Dr. Luo as part of my ongoing maintenance program because he has not only helped me heal physically, but has also sustained me with his calm, caring, and positive manner. I am forever grateful.

-Juanita C.

I was guided to Dr. Luo's clinic after having a surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy. I had been suffering for the last couple of years with the emotional/physical pains of endometriosis. It had gotten so bad that I was in constant pain and having emotional swings daily. After the ectopic pregnancy I felt like I should go ahead and have the laparoscopic surgery to remove the endometriosis. I had the day and time scheduled with the hospital.

A week or two before the surgery, a friend mentioned acupuncture to me. Previously I had done much research on the different methods out there to help deal with the problems associated with endo. Most of my reading said to wait to do acupuncture until after the endo is removed for the best long lasting results. As the idea of having a second surgery wasn't sitting right with me, I felt directed to try acupuncture first. I found Dr. Luo doing a search on the internet. I was looking for doctors who met certain specific criteria and he had them all.

I was nervous about acupuncture and wondered how needles on the top of my skin would help anything on the interior. Within the first couple weeks I was already seeing/feeling dramatic improvements. By the third week my husband came up to me and said, "I like this acupuncture because you are different in a positive way." It is true. For the first time in years, I felt like myself again. It was like I was coming out of a bad dream to a new happy reality.

Early on in the process I went two whole months with very little pain! Completely unbelievable and unimaginable to me at that time. I have been going to Dr. Luo for about six months and I am doing very well. Without the pain and constant emotional upheavals I am more motivated and content. Finding and going to him has been a miracle for me and my family.

-Jessica M.

I came to Dr. Luo because of excruciatingly painful migraine headache and arthritic neck pain. I was referred to him by a friend, but was somewhat skeptical. At the time I was using narcotic pain reliever and Imitrex injections at least twice a week at significant expense.

I have been Dr. Luo's patient for 3 years now, and with bi-monthly treatment, I am pain free and no longer need the medications! So much for being skeptical. This is the best thing I do for myself!

-Sharon T.

I can't thank my friend enough for referring us to Dr. Luo last August. I was desperate for help with the migraines and Dr. Luo came to our rescue.

My nine year old daughter had suddenly developed severe migraines while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The migraines were frequent and so severe that her doctors had prescribed strong narcotics for the pain. A friend referred us to Dr. Luo at the Luo Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic, so we decided to try acupuncture before the prescription drugs.

Two weeks after starting with Dr. Luo the pain had significantly diminished with each headache, four weeks after starting all symptoms were gone. It has now been five months since she began weekly acupuncture sessions and taking Chinese herbs twice daily, and she has not had a single migraine for four months! Dr. Luo's calm gentle demeanor enabled him to build trust with my daughter and ease her anxiety over having needles placed in her neck and head. She is now an advocate for acupuncture especially when it comes to migraines as it has greatly restored her quality of life.

-Linda M.

Forty years into a lifetime of near independence from serious medical care and a strong and healthy body, my natural ability to fuel function with breath disappeared abruptly . Over several days, I had allowed an unexpected and unexplained discomfort to nearly disable a once productive lifestyle. In desperation, I phoned Emily on a Saturday morning and she CREATED a place for me on Dr. Luo's schedule straight away - at what turned out to be the expense of a planned family holiday at the coast. I was treated with such gentleness, kindness and genuine concern on that day and every visit thereafter. While trying everything imaginable to restore ease of breath and the ability/desire to eat, Dr. Luo patiently endured my endless acupuncture questions, which were complemented by the anatomical chart of meridians within eye-shot of my treatment table. The only time Dr. Luo denied a request - and did so with his characteristic courtesy - was when I asked whether he might allow me "to practice needling on him" to test my newfound knowledge. To that end, before, during and after treatments both he and Emily made time for laughter, for education, and for the sort of emotional support and consideration most commonly offered in friendship. As an intensely private person, unaccustomed to leaning my troubles on others, I grew to trust them completely. The compassion underlining their intentions, their extraordinary skill and diligence and the inherent concern for patient care and comfort serves as the foundation of their clinic. Every time a friend mentions a malady, I "prescribe" Dr. Luo and Emily. Luo Acupuncture Clinic has become my first - and most often ONLY - phone call when I have a physical challenge I'm unable to solve on my own. A profound and heartfelt THANK YOU for "putting me back together again"!!!


I would like to thank Dr. Luo and Emily for the excellent healthcare that they have provided to myself, my son and my friend Christina. Quite frankly, the service that Dr. Luo has provided for my son is nothing short of a miracle - he has given my son back his life - and a life of hope and good health! I have had my prayers answered by the treatment that my son has received and I am more than grateful. I recommend Dr. Luo to all of my family and friends; his abilities far exceed any that I have personally experienced from any and all healthcare professionals, whether they were MD doctors or western alternative healthcare MD's. Thank you!

-Bobbi J.

It may be voodoo...it may be magic. Whatever it is, it works! My arthritic knee has never been better thanks to Dr. Luo. His knowledge, compassion and understanding of basic joint problems are incredible and the results are fantastic. His philosophy of East meets West combine the best of both. Clearly, there is no one better in the Portland vicinity.

-Bob W.

Before coming to Dr. Luo, my husband and I struggled to conceive and maintain a pregnancy for almost a year. We tried a variety of OBGYN's and fertility drugs but nothing was working. Within a month of seeing Dr. Luo I was pregnant! Because of Dr. Luo and his treatments, I was able to keep the pregnancy. I had a very healthy and happy baby boy.

After delivery, I experienced pain and numbness in my left leg and foot. I went to four weeks of physical therapy (twice a week) to no avail. I could hardly walk and couldn't feel my leg from the knee down. I decided to see Dr. Luo and within one treatment the pain in my foot was gone and the numbness was receding. It was the first time since giving birth I was able to walk and hold my baby without limping from horrible pain.

Without Dr Luo's treatments, I know I wouldn't have kept the pregnancy or recovered from the post delivery complications. I am so grateful to Dr. Luo and can't thank him enough for the very precious gift of my little one.

-Karen H.

We brought our son, Max, to see Dr. Luo after we became increasingly concerned about the long term health affects of prolonged use of steroids to treat his allergies. When Max arrived at Dr. Luo's office, he was a runny-nosed, weepy-eyed mess! Being a typical 9-year old boy, he was terrified of the prospect of needles. Dr. Luo's calm demeanor eased Max into his first treatment.

Although he left his first treatment quite weak-kneed, he was willing to return for a second appointment. He began regular once a week appointments and taking herbs (which Max's fondly refers to as his "dirt") twice a day. Within no more than two weeks, ALL of his symptoms were gone. Over time, we have diminished both the acupuncture and the herb treatments. He now is able to treat his allergies with an acupuncture treatment every 4-6 weeks and herbs 3-4 times per week.

As a parent, I am thrilled with Dr. Luo. We are so happy to have him off of steroids, and able to treat his allergies without potentially creating long-term negative health problems in the future. The atmosphere that Dr. Luo and his wife, Emily Dai are able to create is one of calm competence. They are now my first "go to" thought as relates to our family's health.

-Katy D.

Dr Luo's treatments have allowed me to enjoy the fullness and fun of life once again. After suffering with daily back pain from spinal arthritis for over 15 years, I am now completely pain free in my back and able to do things I haven't been able to enjoy for many years. Thank you Dr. Luo for being such a caring person and extremely competent doctor!

-Jim P.

For most of my life, my periods have been irregular. Some have told me it's from excessive working out and lack of body fat. Regardless of whether that was the contributing factor or not, it became worrisome when my husband and I decided to start our family. I had expressed my concern to my dear friend and massage therapist. She immediately recommended the book "The Infertility Cure" and urged me to visit Dr. Luo's acupuncture clinic.

In reading the book, I was fascinated by Western methods, Eastern Methods, and our choice as women to choose to blend both methods where we feel the need. Overall, it is very true that Eastern approaches do not give you bad side effects. You always feel better, which is not the case with Western methods.

I wanted to take the Western approach in finding out from my OB/Gyn if anything was wrong with my body. At the same time, I visited Dr. Luo and was thrilled to find real healing experiences with ovulation, IMPLANTATION (I put this in CAPs because I haven't found any mild Western approaches that help with implantation), inducing labor, and for me MOST IMPORTANTLY: Lactation. I highly recommend his clinic - for me it was a successful and uplifting experience - very healing and positive results.

-Sanaz G.

Unfortunately I've been troubled with a inherited weak immune system my whole life. Although I never suffered any major problems until my first pregnancy, when at 4 months, I got sick and had a miscarriage. The medical doctors couldn't tell what happened or why, all they said was we're sorry. I guess I didn't really expect much from them anyway.

After the miscarriage, I found myself in a very weakened state physically and of course emotionally after loosing something I had yearned for and cherished so much. After only one month I found out I was pregnant again only to have another miscarriage a week later. My body was still too weak to handle it.

Two months later, again I was pregnant and with lots of fear for I knew I was still not the strongest I could be. I knew a little bit about TCM so I decided to go see Dr. Luo. Upon his diagnosis he said I was suffering from yin deficiency and that he would give me acupuncture and special herbs for pregnancy that would make me strong enough to keep the pregnancy. I religiously cooked and drank the herbs everyday. I could feel the effects immediately, they made me strong enough to keep the pregnancy and today I have a beautiful healthy baby boy. I am very grateful to Dr. Luo and Emily for their kind heartiness and knowledge that I can trust and depend on.

-Rachel K.

I went to Dr. Luo for insomnia and tinnitus. In addition to improving those conditions, I had the benefit of having my menstrual cycles and low back pain greatly improved - conditions for which I had not originally sought treatment. Dr. Luo and Emily are extremely kind, caring and professional people. I have, and will continue, to recommend Luo Acupuncture to anyone who needs treatment.

-Deborah B.

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